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Article Archive

2010 International Day of Peace

3 Ways to "Help Her Buy"

(Really) Last Minute Gift Ideas for those Empowered Women & Girls in Your Life Develop Stronger Relationships Faster...

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The Strategic Choice You Must Make...

The Importance of Detail...

Her Time Pressures and their Influence on Your Business...

Alternatives to Golf Games and Hockey tickets - Events that Strengthen Her Loyalty...

How Women and Wine Can Grow Your Business...


Other Published Articles

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"Keys to Recruiting and Retaining Women Professionals" - Oil & Gas Inquirer, February 2009

"A Step in the Right Direction" - Canadian Lawyer Magazine, June 2008

"What do Women Want?" - Speaking of Impact Magazine, May 2008

"Marketing Events to Female Decision Makers" Strategies - The Journal of Legal Marketing, February 2008

"Senior Women Lawyers Vastly Underrepresented" - Law Times, January 2008

"Marketing Your Firm to Women - Don't Just Paint it Pink" - Addendum (Canadian Bar Asociation), August 2007

"Building Blocks of Trust Can Differ Between Men and Women" - Addendum (Canadian Bar Association), June 2007

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