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Her Time Pressured Life and the Influence on Your Business

According to Statistics Canada ( married working women spend 2.2 hours per day on household and childcare duties, while their male counterparts spend 1.4 hours per day. The reasons for this can be debated, but the result is that working women are significantly more time-pressured than their male counterparts, and the hard reality is that your ability to fit into her schedule becomes a heavily-weighted factor in whether she will do business with you, or your competition.

Majority Marketing TIP: Your first priority should be to acknowledge and validate her time pressures. Let her know you realize that you are not the only priority of her day. Second - don't rush her, but don't take her time for granted. Always let her know how long your process or meeting will take, and stick to that time. Audit your business processes: is she waiting in line? Is she filling out forms that you could have filled out on her behalf? Does she have to repeat her customer service issue to more than one person? If any part of your business process does not add value to her life, remove the step or find another way to get it done. Look for steps that seem small, but when added up, consume her limited time. For example, do you allow her to schedule an appointment/meeting with you online, or does she have to wait until business hours to call, wait on hold, and then schedule an appointment? Take care of the details: if you are meeting her at a new location, always provide driving and parking information, to save her the step of looking it up.

Time is one of the most limited and most valuable resources for everyone, but particularly for women who maintain careers, in addition to the majority of household, childcare, and eldercare duties. Position yourself and your company as solving her time pressure - not adding to it, and you will be more likely to win her business.

Best wishes for your continued success. To learn more about how to strategically grow your business by tapping into the women's market, just contact us at the coordinates below. That's what we're here for!

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