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Join us for topic-specific workshops conveniently delivered *live* via the internet to address your most important business challenges when marketing to women!   These live session provide practical and innovative ideas, frameworks, and strategies that you can implement immediately to see dramatic results, while also giving you an opportunity to have your questions answered! 

We believe our webinars are among the best ways to learn a large amount of information and innovative recommendations in a short period of time to yield phenomenal results, as they have for hundreds of our clients, for example.....

"Cristi, thank you for making an absolutely phenomenal impact on my business. After attending your seminar, I incorporated several of your suggestions and found that your tools work like a charm, particularly when dealing with couples. I’ve been in the industry for over 6 years, and your seminar was one of the most useful I’ve ever experienced."  Andrew Branch, CFP, PFP; Investment & Retirement Planner - RBC Investments


Why Should She Choose You? - How to Truly Differentiate Yourself in a Competitive Marketplace!

12:00pm - 12:45pm (EST)

September 11 th, 2007

$40 + GST

One of the most effective and efficient ways you can build your business is by fully differentiating your offering.  Unfortunately, few truly know how to define their unique market differentiators, and how to highlight them to their ideal market.  Differentiation is crucial in any market, but women as consumers are more 'holistic' decision-makers than their male counterparts, so differentiation is even more important for success in this market.  Attend this webinar to understand several techniques to truly differentiate your unique offer to your entire market, and how this will ensure your business success.

"I must confess I was a skeptic when I blocked an hour off a busy day to take in your seminar. I left thinking that this was one of the most productive hours I had spent in a long time."  Guy David, Partner - Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP

Seminars That Sell - Change the Way Education and Selling Work Together to Bring Ideal Clients to Your Door

12:00pm - 12:45pm (EST)

October 16th, 2007

$40 + GST

Too many seminars are poorly attended, by non-ideal prospects, who don't turn into ideal clients.  Some say that seminar selling is a way of the past.  I say the 'old ways' of seminar selling need to be thrown out and replaced by a new way of looking at educating prospects into ideal clients.  Women and men communicate and learn differently, so we will uncover how to develop content and delivery that works for women, men and couples (whether business or consumer). We wil also focus on how to effectively market your seminar to ensure a higher attendance of qualified prospects.

“Thank you Cristi! My closing ratio immediately increased by over 30% after I implemented the recommendations that you provided.” Scott Boassaly, Investment Consultant - Investors Group

Networking (Part 1) - Women and Men Socialize Differently! Break the Code to Confidently Build Stronger Business Relationships Faster!

12:00pm - 12:45pm (EST)

October 30th, 2007

$40 + GST

Have you noticed that men and women socialize differently, and build relationships differently? Building business is about building relationships, much of which is done in informal settings (networking events, golf tournaments, lunches, phone calls).  Through this webinar, learn the simple models that demonstrate how men and women build business relationships differently, and how seemingly subtle adjustments to your networking and conversation approach will yield dramatic results in confidently building strong business relationships faster - with men and women.

“Cristi understands women’s consumer behaviour and her expertise has helped me build my business to award-winning levels.   I enjoy working with Cristi because she shares the same philosophy that I do - to help other people grow their businesses.” Sheldon Rice, CIM, FSCI Investment Advisor - Canaccord Capital

Networking (Part 2) - Beyond Golf Tournaments and

Spa Days - Identify Client Events that Attract and Engage ALL of your Clients

12:00pm - 12:45pm (EST)

November 13th , 2007

$40 + GST

Have you noticed that socially, men seem to build relationships by doing activities together, while women seem to build relationships by sharing experiences together.  This may be why hockey tickets that get snapped up by her male counterparts often go unused or underappreciated by female clients; 18-hole golf tournaments that represent a heavy investment by the host company are not always an event that engenders loyalty from time-pressured women.  Attend this webinar to learn great ideas of how to build winning client events that attract men and women, and actually do what they are supposed to - provide the opportunity to place your company in its best light, while creating and strengthening profitable client relationships.

"In the past thirty-five years, I have heard and participated in hundreds of ‘presentations’ throughout North America by various sales and marketing experts. Your talk this morning was among the four best … not just from content and presentation (which were exceptional) but from a genuine desire and ability to inform and train in a manner that was easy to absorb and will be retained by your audience for, literally, many years of application and results"  John W David -

Selling to Her, Selling to Him, Selling to Them - How to Successfully Navigate Selling to Couples

12:00pm - 12:45pm (EST)

December 11th, 2007

$40 + GST

After one of my new clients told me he actually believed a woman when she said that her husband was making all the decisions about their investing, I knew I had to offer this webinar. Couple dynamics are tricky, but especially tricky when it's not clear who the decision-maker really is.  In the scenario of my client, what he didn't realize was costing him an enormous amount of clients - the reality that she is actually strongly influencing (or controlling) the decision, often behind the scenes.  Whether you are providing financial services, legal services, cars, or computers - your success hinges on understanding how to sell to couples, and realizing her influence in the process, even when it isn't obvious.  In this webinar, learn how to engage both parties - women and men.  Selling to couples is one of our most popular topics - sign up now!


"As a woman, I thought I had a step-up to gaining a woman’s business. Facts told me I that I need to work just as hard.” Seminar Attendee - Peel Institute Conference


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"Cristi, you know your topic and deliver it superbly. I like the way you provided theory, then tips and 'how-to's." (Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee, Peel Institute Conference)

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