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Do Your Marketing Materials Get Her Attention?
One of the biggest opportunity areas I see when performing a High Heel Audit on clients’ marketing materials falls into one of two categories: either the client is not capitalizing on their own core differentiators, OR they believe that marketing to women requires images of pink flowers.  As we mentioned in August 30th’s QuickTip, research tells us that women tend to make decisions in a broader context than their male counterparts.  Your marketing materials should support this decision process.  In other words, it’s not enough for a flat-screen tv to be the ‘latest and greatest’, it also has to fit into the room, match the décor, be easy to use, and she needs to perceive that the company is actually listening to her and fully understands her needs, not just her technical requirements.  Likewise, it’s not enough for an investment advisor or lawyer to be top of their class – yes, it’s important, but not the only factor.  Your marketing materials (no matter which industry) should support a broader decision-making context in order to attract her business.  One of the ways to achieve this is to demonstrate your professional/corporate values.  What do I on for the tip:

Majority Marketing QuickTip:  Take a look at your marketing materials: brochures, bios, newsletters, advertisements, etc.  Do they focus primarily on your products/service features/expertise, or does your marketing reveal how your values influence the way you do business, your approach to client problems and your service methodology?  If you are a lawyer, for example, and your core value is a true belief in win-win outcomes for every business transaction, describe your approach to negotiating, and how that benefits your clients.  There’s nothing wrong with the personal section of your professional bio saying that you are “a father of two who enjoys skiing”, but demonstrating your core values and how they impact your approach to her business, are much more powerful in providing the context she’s looking for in deciding why she would choose you.  If you are responsible for developing corporate materials, demonstrate corporate heart by revealing core corporate values and how they influence business policies or charitable giving decisions.  Revealing professional/corporate values is a good start to providing a broader context that women more often look for – and will differentiate you without painting it with pink flowers – ensuring your appeal to women while gaining in ALL markets.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Contact Majority Marketing at +1-613-321-1503 or to learn about our High Heel Audits that evaluate your marketing materials and show you exactly what to do differently to attract her business, while ensuring your appeal to ALL markets.  That’s what we’re here for!

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