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If Harley Davidson can do it, you can do it.

According to the July 25th, 2007 article in the New York Times, Harley Davidson has identified the women’s market as their fastest growing segment and is investing heavily in capitalizing on it.  According to the article, women will spend about $300 million on Harley bikes this year in the United States, not including accessories, riding gear and clothes. The article quotes Jerry G. Wilke, Harley-Davidson’s vice president for customer relationships and product planning:  “the opportunities to cater to women are endless, and we will continue to do more.”
Harley Davidson is one of the smartest marketers in the world - what other company has clients so loyal that they tattoo their logo on their arms?  For all the marketing dollars spent, I’ve yet to see many Honda or Microsoft  tattoos on their clients' arms .  I think it’s safe to say that Harley has a lot to lose if they alienate male customers.  So, why is Harley Davidson taking this risk?  That’s a trick question:  IT’S NOT A RISK to turn their attention to the women’s market – if you do it right.  Harley Davidson is doing right.   They realize a smart strategy is picking up the women’s market, WHILE appealing to a broader market of male clients.  They are producing more motorcycles that are “low to the ground…with adjusting handlebars and windshields to make bikes more comfortable for smaller riders.”  Harley Davidson seems to understand that the only risk is NOT realizing the enormous power of the women’s market and doing something to cater to it.
Majority Marketing Tip:  If Harley Davidson can do it, you can do it.  So many of my clients initially worry that by marketing to women, they will alienate men (or worse, alienate women!).  They believe that the women’s market isn’t big enough (a ‘niche’) to warrant a complete strategy.  They wonder if this ‘marketing to women thing’ is just a fad.  These kinds of perceptions hold too many companies back from picking up the revenues in this dominating market.  Make sure you're not one of them!  The clients that I have worked with to incorporate strategies to build the women’s market while building their overall market are my best success stories.  The tip is:  If Harley Davidson can do it, you can do it.  Start today – your competitors are not waiting for you to figure this out!  Majority Marketing can help:  contact us at 613-321-1503 or  In addition to our training and consulting services, we have just launched a webinar series that will provide innovative and practical strategies for you to tap the women's market - to check them out, Click Here.

(Check Out the New York Times Article on Harley Davidson Here)

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