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Have you noticed that men seem to build relationships and socialize differently than women? Since good personal relationships can be the basis for business success, it's important to know how to build relationships with north america's most untapped and lucrative market - women. Leonard Sax M.D., PhD, in his book Why Gender Matters writes: “conversation is central to girls’ friendships at every age. Self-disclosure is the most precious badge of friendships between females….most boys don’t really want to hear each other’s innermost secrets. With boys, the focus is on the activity, not on the conversation.” So, while men often bond through sharing an activity, women tend to bond through revealing thoughts, beliefs, and common challenges.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours sharing your innermost secrets with female prospects and clients – however, effective networking and relationship building with women does mean more than taking her to a golf tournament or hockey game.
Majority Marketing Tip:  When networking or in conversation with female prospects and clients, don't be afraid to admit some of your own vulnerabilities or challenges (but not ones in your area of expertise!).  For exampe, if you have a horrible sense of direction and always get lost in big cities, and she is relating her difficulty in finding your office that day, don't be afraid of a little self-disclosure! Share your similar challenge.  In sales meetings with female prospects, try questions that invite a broader approach to sharing challenges of a slightly more personal (but still product/service/business related) nature, such as “Tell me about what is going on your life that sparked your interest in this product/service" or... "What's keeping you up at night  with respect to this (product/service)", or....."Was there a particular event or idea that caused you to pick up the phone and call me?”  These questions push the boundaries of revealing inner thoughts, and provide the broader context of what’s really on her mind.  Use this information responsibly to strengthen your relationship, and truly position yourself as a solution provider. 

If you have any questions about this or other marketing/selling to women concepts, contact me at, or join me at an upcoming seminar.

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"Cristi, you know your topic and deliver it superbly. I like the way you provided theory, then tips and 'how-to's." (Majority Marketing Seminar Attendee, Peel Institute Conference)

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